We help small businesses get more leads
Do you want more leads but don’t know where to get them? We do, it’s from a little site called Google.

Where are you on Google?

Not on page 1? We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately you are just like most businesses out there, hidden from all Googlers past page 1.

Who are your competitors?

It’s not hard to tell. They’re the ones killing it on page 1. The real question is why are they there and how do you knock them off?

How do we get you to the top?

Without getting too much into the weeds, we have a secret recipe to leap frog you over your competition so you are the one killing it at the top.

The view is amazing from the top, what’s next?

Once we get you to the top of Google where new leads start rolling in, we change your strategy from climbing Google to world domination….okay maybe not, more like market domination.  But first it starts with your Google Analysis!

“We are super happy with all the new business we are getting simply by having White Hat Marketing get and keep us to the top of Google.​”

Brad Daviss
President of Frost and Associates

“We are a very niche area within the home builders industry and because of White Hat, we have been able to crush the competition being at the top for over 3 years now.​”

Richard Nault
Parter of UrbanAge Homes

“Ever since we started focusing on our website traffic with White Hat, we have seen a huge increase in leads and sales not only within our market but we are starting to get international leads come in.​”

Nathan Hutzul
Owner/Manager CSM Pump
“We have been the biggest Realty Brokerage in our St Albert for years but just couldn’t get to the top of Google consistantly until we starting working with White Hat Marketing. Since then we have seen a steady increase in traffic and leads for our Realtors.​”

Ryan Boser
Associate Broker of Sarasota Realty
“We have seen a steady increase in traffic and leads from our website since we were brought to the top of Google with White Hat. We highly advise to use them.”

John Stabile
Owner San Rufo Homes
“I highly advise White Hat Marketing as we were nowhere on Google where we received absolutely no leads online but now that we are at the top of Google, we are competing with national brands and winning.​”

Randor Lin
Cerise Floral