Website Intervention

Have you ever come across a website that literally made you laugh out loud because it looked like it was made when the internet was first created? We actually see this on a daily basis. Fortunately, with some website intervention we are able to show our clients the light and give their sites a much …

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Digital Mad Men

Remember that charismatic charmer Don Draper and his boss Roger Sterling from Man Men?  A couple of ladies men who could show up at noon, get wasted over lunch and still make a presentation by the end of the day, oh the life of a marketing executive back in the day….or welcome to Brad and …

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Google Guys

Two Guys Walk into a Bar

Two guys (Brad and Courtney) walk into a bar……and start a digital marketing company. This is the unique story about how White Hat Marketing became the biggest small business digital marketing company in the world…..well maybe that’s the dream but we have start from somewhere. Google started with two like-minded brilliant geniuses, why couldn’t two …

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