Google Guys

Two Guys Walk into a Bar

Two guys (Brad and Courtney) walk into a bar……and start a digital marketing company.

This is the unique story about how White Hat Marketing became the biggest small business digital marketing company in the world…..well maybe that’s the dream but we have start from somewhere. Google started with two like-minded brilliant geniuses, why couldn’t two not so brilliant geniuses do the same all over again?

Brad Daoust, holding a Bachelors Degree from Standford, Masters from Harvard and a PhD from MIT began theorizing about small business economics in the present and near future.  With the digital age upon us, it seemed inevitable that small business in North America could survive without tapping into the new ways of communication and marketing.

Courtney Hutzul, a drop out high school student, who once was touted as the next Tiger Woods decided to that Real Estate was no longer his calling and sought out a new challenge to redeem himself to his friends and family (possible exaggeration as Brad is writing this, but keep reading).

The two stumbled upon each other upon watching their sons hall of fame performances as semi-pro hockey players (yes, 10 years olds) traveling all over Canada and the US (actually just Alberta).  As they conversed about their past experiences, they learned quickly that there was something to the local small businesses, a gap in the industry if you will.  They knew they wanted to help and the market potential was completely untapped but what would those small businesses need?  Tech support? Computers? Accounting? Management? They really didn’t know what small businesses needed most until it came to them as an epiphany over several beers, more sales.  What every small business needs most is more business.  Because of Brad’s background in consulting and Courtney’s plethora of experience in sales the answer was obvious, digital marketing to create new sales for small businesses. BOOM! (drop mic)

And White Hat Marketing was born.  Did I mention this all happened over several drinks at the bar…..hence two guys walk into a bar.  Maybe I exaggerated a bit but who wants to hear a boring story about two hockey dads looking at reinventing themselves in their late 30’s?