SEO Edmonton Beginnings


It’s been some time since I last wrote a blog and for good reason.  I got busy building this SEO company from scratch and ensuring that each one of our clients received our best at all times.  In order to do that, we had to spend a lot of our time building out the systems and processes, we knew, needed to be in place in order for us to succeed at all times and in turn, our clients succeed.


We had started down this path awhile back but more recently decided that we needed to be an online marketing specialist rather than just an online marketing generalist (we didn’t want to be a jack of all trades and master of none). That decision has proven to be one of the best decisions I and Courtney made to date.  In this blog post, I would like to better explain how and why we decided to focus all our efforts on being the best SEO Edmonton company around.


The obvious first decision was to determine exactly what would we be delivering for our clients each and every month as we knew that we always wanted to establish long term business relationships with our clients. We knew exactly what the market needed but through our first round of market research for other SEO companies in Edmonton, we found that there was an over abundance of companies just like ours…..initially anyway.  As we started to really dive into what each of our competitors was doing, we found that they were doing everything under the sun in online marketing for their clients, from Adwords to Social Media to Web Design, you name it and they were self-proclaimed experts at it.


As we continued on in our research we found a common thread, the actual specialty that we offer, Google Organics optimization, was low man on the totem pole as far as services that our competitors were offering.  It made sense to us as it is by far the most difficult to be successful at since the Google algorithm is an ever changing beast, unforgiving to whoever tries to work it. The funny thing is that I have been playing the Google game for over 16 years learning some very hard lessons along the way.  Our competitors either had no idea how to play the game or if they did, they only knew a fraction of how it all worked.


Our specialty and branding spawned from there.  We were the Google Guys whose sole purpose was to get Google to like our clients and we could do it in our sleep…actually we do, sort of.


Our biggest problem slowly morphed from ranking our clients to the top of Google (which is now the easy part of our business) to marketing ourselves, educating companies and business owners about our unique service and begin building those long term business relationships that we have been wanting to do right from the start.  Let me tell you, it’s super easy to start a conversation with a potential client when we are showing value to their business before we even start.  We truly succeed only if our clients succeed.
One of my favorite things to do these days is to conduct Google searches around keywords we are paid to be at the top for just to see those clients dominating their market.  It’s more ammunition for that next presentation.


As continued down this path and saw the results that we were getting with each of our clients, there were competitors of our clients calling us to see what we can do for them. It was fantastic that people were finally seeing what we were able to do for our clients however as we thought about it more and more, we felt that it wasn’t right to take on competitors.  How could we ethically rank two clients for the same number 1 spot? It wasn’t possible so we decided to implement a new rule within our company, one client per niche, per market.  By implementing this, we could now sleep at night knowing that we were doing what was best for our clients at all times and we never had to choose one client over another.  When we talked about this with our clients, they were ecstatic that we were to doing this as they obviously did not want to share their success with any competitors, we recently started to become their ace in the hole.


Because of this strategy, we now had a laser focus when looking for new clients too.  For example, if we wanted to work with a roofing company in Edmonton, we would simply look for potential roofers to work with and the instant we found one that wanted to work with us, our search was over and we would move on to say flooring companies until we found one of those.


We knew our system works awesome and we now know that at least one company per niche, per market, is going to dominate their market with little to no competition from a Google organics perspective.