Edmonton SEO Companies Are Doing It Wrong

Well, it’s been awhile since we last posted. 2 months to be exact and a whole lot has gone on since then. Over the past two months, our business has tripled and the results that we are now showing our clients are truly hard to believe. With almost every one of our clients, we have got them to the coveted page one of Google for the keyword terms they picked.

With the success we have seen, we have new clients showing us the work our competitors have been doing for them. Let me tell you, it was extremely eye-opening while at the same time very rewarding. Let me explain why.

Let’s back this up a bit first. I just had a lengthy conversation with a good friend of mine who has dumped several hundreds of thousands of dollars into marketing his company over the past 20 years only to have very little to show for in the Google game. He said that he has seen it all and heard it all from SEO companies promising the world while at the same time not exactly being transparent about what they are doing for him. He would ask the same question every month:

“Why am I not getting more leads and why am I not at the top of Google yet?”

The answers varied but really just amounted to lip service. They would say “we have to tweak this on your site, we have to change this title tag, we need to reformat this page, etc, etc. “. Basically, these SEO companies kept saying that they needed to modify and tweak the website so that Google would take notice. This is THE most common excuse we hear around the internet, nevermind from SEO companies here in Edmonton. In all honesty, we don’t blame them, they just don’t know enough about SEO and Google to properly build a successful strategy. They are focusing their efforts on the wrong thing, the website. Do you remember the movie Field of Deams with the famous quote “If you build, they will come”?

Unfortunately, Google will not come if you just build it. Developing the nicest, most elaborate website known to man won’t get Google to notice you. The Google game is a popularity contest, if people are talking about you then Google will have no choice but to take notice of you. And you might be wondering how that happens, BACKLINKS, people point links to your website because they see value in doing so.

In Google’s eyes, the most popular sites are the ones that have the most relevant content and niche relevant links pointed to it, that simple. As far as Google is concerned, 15% of the value is how the site works and what is on the website, whereas 85% is the diversity of backlinks pointing to the website. Google is using the wisdom of the crowds to determine how relevant your website really is. If nobody is linking to you, then Google thinks you’re a nobody.

We know the value of our link strategies and have proven time and time again that we can get our clients to the top of Google. True value (top of Google) and transparency (show how we do it) are keys to our success and why our clients trust us. We know that if our competitors don’t begin to understand how Google REALLY works than I’ll be happy to announce that we are on our way to be one of the top SEO companies in Edmonton.