Digital Mad Men

Remember that charismatic charmer Don Draper and his boss Roger Sterling from Man Men?  A couple of ladies men who could show up at noon, get wasted over lunch and still make a presentation by the end of the day, oh the life of a marketing executive back in the day….or welcome to Brad and Courtney’s life.

All joking aside, the reason I draw a comparison between White Hat Marketing and the show’s Sterling Cooper (advertising agency) is because they aren’t that much different if you consider what they are doing for companies. Sterling Cooper was an Advertising Agency creating ads that would be plastered all over billboards and magazines. They would spend countless hours smoking and drinking with the creative department coming up with the best possible ad that they hope would convert potential leads into paying customers. The funny thing is that White Hat Marketing isn’t much different, no not because we are chain smoking alcoholics but because we look to do the same but with surgery precision instead of hoping for the best.  We rely on cold hard numbers that are readily available and can provide us the insights on whether our Google campaigns are working or not. Google has leveled the playing field for everybody and now the little guy can knock off the top player if they play their cards right.  Stacking the deck for our clients is our forte! Just like Don Draper and Roger Sterling, we know how to deliver and deliver big.

Brad and Courtney are the 21st Century digital Mad Men.